Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Gun Control is a Myth in the UK

Brilliant video that quite adequately shows the total failure of so called 'gun control' laws in the blog. As I have said repeatedly the laws don’t work and all firearms laws passed after 1968 at least should be repealed. Or would you rather continue to live with only the state and criminals being armed? Please discuss below.

Monday, 11 June 2012

The Islamist's Solution to the 'Grooming' of non-Muslim girls for sexual exploitation by Muslim Gangs

Mohammad Shafiq of the Ramadhan
foundation has faced death threats after calling for members
of his community to face up to the issues involved.
Last month saw the conviction of a gang of sex offenders in Liverpool Crown Court.  What was notable (although not unusual) about this gang was that they were British Muslims, respected members of their community and they targeted white, non-Muslim girls for rape and enforced prostitution.  Some of the victims were as young as 11, all were from disadvantaged backgrounds and many were in care homes from which they were picked up.  Others were more or less 'street kids' children who were unsupervised and often emotionally insecure thus easy prey for such exploitation.  This trial has led to a diverse range of reactions across communities and the political spectrum.  The reaction amongst British Muslims has been mixed also, many such as MPACUK are in flat denial of the issue, a sad reaction but that is the same organisation that believes the CIA are responsible for Al Qaeda.  However many other Muslims are proving to be both shocked and willing to question some of the aspects of the culture of British Muslims they may lead to such criminality.  This is welcome and Mohammad Shafiq of the Ramadhan foundation is worthy of praise for his bravery on this issue.     One group of people that emerge with no credit at all are the police.  GMP knew of this issue since at least 2002 when one of the victims reported the matter to them, they did nothing.  It has been speculated that this was out of political correctness or a belief that the girl concerned was an unreliable witness.  After the girl reported the matter and was ignored the crimes which may have involved as many as 49 perpetrators continued.  The Greater Manchester Police do not emerge with much creditability from this sorry episode, their management should be ashamed and IMHO subject to proceedings. 

But what is the reaction from radical Muslims (Islamists) and why is this important?  Well for one thing their opinions carry much weight among young Muslims in particular.  Therefore their reaction is worth noting, plus a superficial reading of their views is easily accepted amongst many Muslims who see them as a means of providing a solution to this and other matters.

The time is due for a look at what a former (and likely still active) member of Hizb Ut Tahir has to say. Yamin Zakaria is such a man.  He points out simply enough that :

1. Islam is a solution to this matter, not a factor.
2. Liberalism is the cause as the girls were wearing revealing clothing and out late at night unsupervised (i.e. It was their fault).  Plus liberalism encourages fornification (so it cannot possibly have been the fault of the gang that raped them repeatedly and prostituted them to others).
3.  The girls were not raped, they consented.
4.  In any case an Islamic court would stamp such behaviour out (that of the gang members) as rape would be severely punished in an Islamic court.  Look at the bog entry by Zakaria for these views and see how they chime with and receive praise from some British Muslims.  Now only the latter point is worth debating of course the rest is a seedy apologia for rape and violence.  So finally lets very quickly see how in fact an Islamic system might have tried such a matter.

1.  The first problem is that actually in Sharia law for a rape conviction to be secured it requires four male witnesses. If these witnesses cannot be produced there is no conviction and the victim faces prosecution for fornification, some brave women's groups in Pakistan have highlighted this.  I have commented on this issue on my blog before with a similar case from Saudi Arabia.  

2.  In an Islamic system, a non-Muslim's testimony is half that of a Muslims.  Therefore if one Muslim says something only the weight of two non-Muslims at least can counteract it. Therefore these victims being both female and non-Muslims really stand no chance at all under the abysmal utopia propagated by Zakaria.

Because of the above and not in spite of it therefore there is in fact a tendency in many Islamic countries for the non-Muslim communities to be targeted for rape and other crimes by Islamic criminals who now that the courts are unlikely to punish them for it.  In fact the authorities too frequently do nothing about it and even persecute the Christians who report it.    

I would like to again add my praise to the brave Muslims who have spoken out against the crimes as they have occurred in Rochdale and other places.  I would also urge caution against anyone who is foolish enough to believe that Islamic law may in itself prove a solution.  Those who do just read the above again although I am probably wasting my time on you.  Finally lets all feel sorry for the child victims of this sorry business