Friday, 8 August 2008

On this day, 90 years ago.

I do not really post much on military history. It is a subject I have read extensively on and studied but I thought this was worth a mention. When it comes to the first world war everyone has heard of the Somme 1916 battle or Ypres. But how many people are aware of Amiens? The battle commenced on 8th August 1918 and was a resounding success for the allies. It was notable for the successful use of the 'all arms' battle and was an allied endeavour involving Australian, Canadian, French, British and American troops. The bulk of the forces came from the BEF. The battle was not just a single successful incident, on a military level it formed part of the dramatically successful 'one hundred days' campaign which ended the war. The battle had a notable psychological effect. It convinced the allies right down to the individual soldier that they could and indeed were going to win the war. Conversely of course it had the exact opposite effect on the German Army, whose soldiers were demoralised and whose commander Ludendorf, may have suffered a nervous breakdown. I do not post this to glorify combat, rather to keep alive the memory of noble men who fought for freedom over 90 years ago. A struggle that continues on many different fronts.

A more detailed description of the battle is available here. I know it's wiki but that's all i could get online at short notice for a reference!

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