Saturday, 29 November 2008

How the BBC Reports on and Frames the Debate around Islamic Terrorism

Right well I have not blogged on the carnage in Mumbai as the situation is being extensively covered elsewhere. However here are the facts that the MSM including the BBC have not mentioned Re 27 November in Mumbai.

1. A series of attacks aimed completely indiscriminately at Western and Hindu citizens.
2. The targets included hotels, restaurants and a Jewish centre.
3. The perpetrators were Islamic Jihadis, which other group would kill Jews because they are Jews? Or ask people whether they are British or American before killing them and taking them hostage.

Okay so the problem is? Well all Al Beeb will call these people who are Muslims killing in the name of Islam is 'militants'. There is no discussion at all of the ideology (Islam) that motivated them and continues to do so.

That is until today 29th November. In a further example of the BBC's bias 'Any Questions' hosted a discussion where Mumbai was discussed. The panel was as is always the case with Question time composed predominately with people from the left. Indeed Caroline Lucas dribbled during and overwhelmingly (Dimbleby did not contradict her or allow an opposing viewpoint) blamed the situation on Israel and actions taken by the west.
The panel comprised of:

1. Caroline Lucas Green party (hard left).

2. Geoff Hoon Labour party (left).

3. Vince Cable Liberal Democrats (left).

4. David Willetts Conservative (centre-right).

So that is what you pay your licence fee for a panel that is 75% left wing and includes the hard left. Where is the balance and impartiality in that. Why in their reporting of an act of Jihadi terrorism will the BBC not accurately tell people who actually conducted the attack and why?

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