Saturday, 17 January 2009

Hamas MP Fathi Hamad brags about using Human Shields

Let's be clear about this, Hamas are using Human Shields and as such the responsibility for civilian casualties in Gaza rests with them. It is an established legal position, which a hostage taker using a hostage for cover is liable for harm to that hostage should any occur as a result of police action. Indeed in the UK a criminal was convicted of murder when shots fired by the police missed the hostage taker and killed the hostage (I can't remember the name of the authority that determines this but it is a legal fact, Google it). The same situation arises in Gaza today when terrorists use the local population as cover to attack Israel. The Israelis have to respond to this to defend their own people and however much it is regrettable any civilian casualties are the fault of Hamas. In this video Hamad is on record as saying:

'For the Palestinian people, death has become an industry
In which excel the women and all the people of this land:

The older people excel, the jihadists excel

And the children excel

Consequently, [the Palestinians] created a human shield of women, children

Older people and jihadists

Against the Zionist bombing machine

That is telling the Zionist enemy

We want death just as much as you desire life.'

Now would Bianca Jagger or anyone else care to actually comment on this and follow the legal position on these activities by Hamas?

P.S Don't be surprised if a film such as this is removed by Hamas supporters from youtube in the near future.

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Yehudi said...

Well done. The world must know and then be held accountable for their ignorance.