Thursday, 31 December 2009

Excellent Investigative Report by the Guardian on Peter Moore's Kidnapping

This is a superb report here . Peter Moore has now been released from captivity in Iraq/Iran? The Guardian are reporting that he was held in Iran which is entirely plausible given the Iranian government's long history of holding hostages. Sadly Peter's four security guards were murdered during their captivity. Anyway watch the Guardian report it is excellent and very plausible. We know the Iranian government likes to kidnap Britons, it may also have murdered them. I would like to wish Peter and all readers a happy New Year. My sincerest condolences for the families of his four colleagues from GardaWorld. Also I would like to express my admiration for the two Iraqi intelligence personnel mentioned in the film. Those guys ran incredible risks and are a credit to their emerging nation. Even if this tale overall is a sad indictment as to how Iran's thuggish theocracy can subvert an emerging democracy. Overall all the best to Peter Moore and may he have a speedy recovery.


Anonymous said...

This is tragic for those who were killed. I'm glad Mr. Moore is home safely. We (as in Canada) had several Iranian/Canadian journalists arrested and imprisoned. The death of Zahra Kazemi (2003) has never been fully investigated or conclusions drawn. It is a horrid and frightening story. ( Also, more recently, Maziar Bahar, was imprisoned and beaten regularly as well as threatened with execution. ( Although my knowledge of the regime is fairly limited, it seems brutal. I think there was some hope for change after the elections, especially through the more outspoken young people. But it seems things have quieted...or maybe that's just the media.

Ted Leddy said...

It is so often the Iranians pulling the strings when it comes to these Kidnappings, particularly in Iraq, the Lebanon, even Gaza.

Paul said...

Many thanks guys for your comments. The whole stance of the Iranian government (or paradoxically part of the Iranian government) is sickening. They have declared jihad since 1979 and we have seen it manifest itself as terrorism and criminality again and again. The real shame is a friend of mine went there and said the people themselves were really nice and actually quite pro-western. I would be interested to know Ted what you made of them?

Isobel, thanks for commenting. The case of Zahra Kazemi is utterly tragic and the details horrific. If I was to do that tonight to a defenceless woman I'd probably get a whole life tariff under current UK law. Either that or a one way trip to Broad moor hospital. Yet the Iranian government may even condone such treatment. Tragic, but due to the fallout over Iraq, enforced regime change will never be on the cards. I would like to see Obama and the UN adopt a more hostile approach to the Iranian theocracy. One that supports the elements inside Iran clamouring for democracy. Happy New Year to you both.

Ted Leddy said...


During my trip to Iran I found the people to be exceptionally friendly and surprisingly engaging, even about sensitive topics. They were incredibly open, from the taxi driver to the student, about their dislike for the regime. However as I came to understand this can often be deceiving. There are many people who say they are hostile to the regime, but are in fact part of the apparatus. A wide network of informers is in my opinion the main reason why various reform/revolutionary movements have failed over the last 30 years.

I am also aware of the Kazemi incident. Horrifying.