Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Is Cheryl Cole now a target for Al Qaeda or does Anjem Choudhary just fancy her?

Cheryl Cole in Afghanistan which seems to have roused (or aroused)
Anjem Choudhary et al

If you excuse the flippant nature of the title this is in fact a serious issue of course.  The sexually frustrated demagogues over at Islam4uk have indeed issued a thinly veiled threat to Cheryl over her recent trip to British forces in Afghanistan. This is of course little more than a cheap inflammatory publicity shot by Choudhary and his ilk. It also employs the usual double speak favoured by violent Islamists, i.e. Don't make a direct threat but imply something could or should happen to an individual or organisation that displeases them.  There is every chance a rogue Muslim may harm Cheryl of course, look at the case of the MP Stephen Timms.  Timms was stabbed by a woman visiting his surgery, his assailant was a radical muslim influenced by  Jihadist websites.  The individual later sentenced for attempted murder refused to recoqnise the court as it represented an un-Islamic authority (although like most she milked the benefits system).  

So where does this leave our Cheryl?  Well she is not subject to the same threat as Salman Rushdie or Jyllands Postern.  As it is for now unlikely that AQ will actually form a plot to attack her and her activities have not aggravated Muslims to the same extent as the aforementioned other two.  Rather it is a simple intent to intimidate and discourage others from visiting the troops.  Is this significant?  Yes it can be as other less robust characters could easily decide 'well look I'd love to show my support for the troops but I don't fancy needing bodyguards for the rest of my life'. 

As to Choudhary, well his motives are as usual to garner attention for his bunch of welfare dependent ideologues.  But it's also likely that he has other baser instincts to satisfy, particularly when you bear in mind what Jihadists are permitted (under Islam) to do to female captives.  That is it is acceptable under Islamic law for a Jihadist to engage in rape against the women he captures.  However looking at Cheryl I really don't fancy his chances somehow so dream on Andy! It would be funny if you weren't being serious.  

So AQ have their sights on the gorgeous Cheryl?  They won't stand a chance!

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Rob Harris said...

Paul, interesting take on Choudary’s attitude. It does seem that a disgust of what Muslims consider to be insufficiently modest women, e.g. those found in the West, is one of the most significant factors that drives extremism in Islam. Thus we have the recent Saudi “report” that found allowing women to drive would unleash prostitution etc. Its the old Christian intolerances amplified a thousand-fold. I see Chow released a charming Christmas message recently where he predicted that if Jesus was alive today he would be found in Belmarsh Prison of all places!!!