Monday, 26 December 2011

FYI - The Sinking of the Belgrano occurred as it DID represent a threat to UK Forces

Largely missing from the mainstream media channels this one.  But then again it is Christmas and this story is still on the fringes.  As reported in today's DT, declassified papers as well as the memoirs of a former Intelligence officer David Thorp now state that according to Signals Intelligence the Argentine Vessel was heading towards the Falklands (and therefore UK forces) when it was sank by a British Submarine.  Previously it has been held by many and especially those on the left that it was not and that Thatcher was reckless in ordering its sinking.  That has now been confined to history as a myth and the likes of Tam Dalyell, the Argentine Government and even the BBC were all wrong.  That is all I need to say although I would like to wish all veterans of that conflict on both sides peace.  Margaret Thatcher and the UK were right throughout that conflict, a petty fascistic clique of militarists did not serve Argentina well however.

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