Saturday, 26 April 2008

MUSU seek to 'ban' military- Updated!

Turns out this rather petulant piece of showmanship was decisively defeated at election well done Manchester Students! Read it here

This is a follow on in many ways from the silly behaviour of the NUT that I reported on. It seems that Manchester Student Union (or representatives thereof) are seeking to ban the military from Campus. This is due to the involvement of the UK's military in 'unpopular wars'. I do not for one second believe that all or even a majority of Manchester Students support such a move. Rather what we are seeing is an attention seeking cheap stunt by petulant under grads. This is quite literally biting the hand that protects you. Ok so Andy Cunningham of the Student's Union regards the wars as 'unpopular' he is entitled to that opinion. What this nob jockey fails to mention is who ultimately protects his right to say so? Furthermore I was wondering that if in the event God forbid of some kind of terrorist attack(Manchester has known these)occurring near the University, would Cunningham then seek to disallow the Army's bomb disposal team from accessing campus? The big problem with the attitude of cheap plonkers like this man is they do not actually attack those that form policy i.e the government. Rather their immature protest only levels fire at the soldiers themselves. That I strongly disagree with. Anyway from the BBC:

Student military recruitment row

A motion banning military recruitment at the university is to be voted on
Recruitment staff for the Armed Forces could be banned from enroling university students in Manchester.
A motion is to be voted on next week banning the Army, Navy and RAF from setting up stalls at the University of Manchester's student union building.
If passed, they would not be allowed to set up stalls for three years.
Supporters say it is "unacceptable" for the military to recruit young people to fight in "massively unpopular" wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Undergraduates at University College London have also adopted a similar ban.
'Utter disgrace"
The Ministry of Defence said it was "disappointed" by the plans in Manchester, while Macclesfield MP Sir Nicholas Winterton, who completed National Service, labelled them "an utter disgrace".
He added: "I am appalled. Historically it is because of our armed forces that these students have the opportunity to go to university."
Martin Watkins, chairman of the Royal British Legion's Manchester branch, added: "The average age of people killed in Iraq and Afghanistan while fighting for the freedoms they take for granted is 22."
The proposal has been put forward by Andy Cunningham, of the students' union.
Outrage sparked
He said: "There is a large officer training corps on campus. If this is successful we want the university to sever their links as well."
The vote has sparked outrage among members of the Manchester and Salford Universities' Officer Training Corps - a branch of the Territorial Army aimed at higher education students. They want members to vote against the proposal.
Ministry of Defence spokesman Greg Stringer said: "However people view military operations, everyone should be able to respect the brave job our armed forces perform."

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