Wednesday, 15 October 2008

A former Leftist tells of her Concerns Re the alliance between the left and Radical Islam

I was wondering what to blog about and chanced on this video on you tube. The Canadian lady highlights a disturbing factor in modern politics. Why oh why do the left hang around with such misogynistic, undemocratic theocrats? Aren’t they the ones who like the idea of women’s rights, gay rights, and other such ‘equality’ issues? Is it simply because anyone opposed to the US is automatically a good guy?


young_activist said...

Liberals have no fondness for religious fanatics. Liberals are always with the oppressed. It is a defining tenant of our world view. I think many on the right, who view the world in a simplistic us vs. them context conflate our support for repressed Muslims with support for Muslim fanatics. This is certainly not the case. We support Muslims where they are repressed, such as in Palestine, and oppose them where they are oppressors, such as East Timor, but someone's faith does not really impact our view of them. However, for many and I'm thinking again of the us vs. them folks, a person's faith is an important factor in judging them. Liberals feel a duty to speak out against ethnocentrism and bigotry. This often puts them at odds with the right, who invariably lump them in with the offensive group. In the American south we were nigger lovers, during World War II we were Jew lovers, and now we are the useful idiots of Islamic imperialism. We are very concerned with rights issues, but we are not unmindful of the fact that bigots often espouse their views under the aegis of human rights. Someone who is adamantly opposed to human rights abuses in Iran, but totally and perhaps willfully oblivious to the ones being committed in other parts of the world with the complicity of their government is not going to be taken seriously. We also recognize that while external pressure from groups such as Amnesty International, that work against abuses irrespective of who the victim and victimizer are, can be helpful internal reform is generally the only effective way of changing things. Plus with so many problems in our own countries we have more than enough to worry about without being the world’s police.

Paul said...

YA, thanks for your comments. The evidence is quite over whelming that many leftists align themselves with Islamists. In the UK for example take the so called respect party. They are quite literally an amalgamation of the Socialist Worker's party with Islamist elements. Their rallies are characterised by aggressive mobs chanting 'Allah Akbar' after which they usually burn US and Israeli flags.

You continually mention Israel in your blog and yet it is not Israel that murders people for changing their religon (pretty much a staple law for much of the Islamic world) nor does Israel hang homosexuals from Cranes. And yet we have at this instance people from the left marching proclaiming 'we are all Hamas now', shameful. Oh did you actually see the video I embedded? The lady in it articulates this matter very well.