Friday, 31 October 2008

Taxpayer's money yes your money!Used to fund Pro-IRA film

I suppose green is really a good font for this one. Well a welsh film company has been given a grant of £150K to help produce a film called 'hunger'. This documents the last six weeks of the life of Bobby Sands the IRA hunger striker. Read about it here, the Conservative MP David Davis has criticised this and together with a woman from the film company Laura Hastings -Smith they briefly debate the issue. Needless to say the BBC interviewer harangues Davies constantly but hardly mentions the film's obvious bias at all to Smith. Smith herself answers this question without being prompted to and simply states the film 'highlights fundamental conflicts that cannot resolved through negotiation'. Smith misses the point that reviewers have stated the film is biased in favour of Sands and the IRA. Plus what she says is wrong as the conflict had no end of opportunity to end through dialogue, Northern Ireland was then and still is a democracy with full representation in Parliament. Sands died a failed martyr for a cause that was furthered by murder pure and simple, including deliberate attacks on civilians. Sands himself was a gunman who had targeted police. Still I might watch it when it is released on telly. Now when will taxpayer's money be used to fund drama about the struggle against terrorism hat we faced then and continue albeit in another guise today?


Todd McLauchlin said...

Paul, did you give up on blogging? Where have you been? We need you man!

Paul said...

I'm here mate duly noted I had been working hard and was tired!