Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Happy Christmas! And a message from Iran...

All the best lads (and lasses!).

Nutter giving Channel 4's message!

Firstly I would like to wish all readers a happy Christmas. Secondly I wish to send my regards to those serving in the 'sand pit' on behalf of HM Forces. Lastly and importantly I would like to wish a happy Christmas to some of the other bloggers who have commented on my blog and engaged in discussion. Those individuals including Todd, Jenny, Gabriel, Phil, William, Goat and of course as ever Mick Hall. As can be seen I have enjoyed my first year of blogging and have engaged across the political spectrum.

Now as Monty Python would say it's 'time for something completely different'. The Iranian theocrat Ahmadinejad is giving Channel four's alternate Christmas message this year. Doubtless that will please the Islamists and other Moonbat trolls who occasionally appear on these pages. From the BBC. I bet I know what he wants for Christmas! (or Eid). I'm off to check my Turkey is steeping in it's brine correctly, 'av a gud un and I'll see you all after the New Year.

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