Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Of course there are no terror training camps in Pakistan?

Some of the graduates from such a camp who attacked Mumbai last month

Langin was held captive in Pakistan at a terror camp for months

I mean there can't be can there? What about the fact a Briton Sean Langin was held at one for several months here Langin describes his experiences to the NY Times. He describes hearing on a radio in captivity a Pakistani Government Minister their existence. Now this has led to the attack by another ISI (Pakistani Intelligence) sponsored attack against India as we Saw in Mumbai. What does the Pakistan government do? Nothing really they merely engage in further deception and denial. Zardari their foreign Minister has said Pakistan will defend themselves if attacked here. Never mind that India has a right to defend themselves having been the victims of state sponsored terrorism. Pakistan should close down the Lashkar-e-Taiba organisation, arrest those responsible and send them to India for trial. Anything else is just weasel words.
We have a desperate situation but the world should stand with India on this one, I have nothing more to say if others wish to comment do so below.

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