Thursday, 11 December 2008

Inspector Gadget on the Consequences of the Welfare State

Note to the real 'working class'.

£400 a week tax free for doing nothing. Result? Carry on doing nothing.

I intend to cross post a few things in the future from Inspector Gadget. Gadget is a serving Police Inspector who highlights the stresses of serving as a front-line cop in today's society. A society where the control of the Police appears to have passed to the New Labour Islington classes. Every day he documents more and more PC restrictions and bureaucratic time wasting. To his bosses and the New Labour machine he must appear quite reactionary. To me his is a sane voice of common sense in a wilderness.

Gadget has expressed his thanks to Karen Matthews for demonstrating what is wrong with the Benefits class in this country. Few people can deny it the problem is we cannot really fix it, so we have to put up with people like this. I am entirely willing to accept that before the launch of the welfare state in 1945 that there were serious problems and desperate poverty in many areas. But the excessive and expensive state nannying has exacerbated rather than solved the problem. Furthermore what is the point in giving out hand out after hand out, all it leads to is a despondent lack of moral responsibility. For instance Matthew's and her entire clique/family. If I am wrong and my taxes should be given with abandon to such people then I welcome such a discussion and invite others to comment below.

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