Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Jonathan Sacerdoti on Al Jazeera discussing the Gaza flotilla incident

Brilliant performance by Jonathon on English Al Jazeera. Note how his opponent in the debate Dr Gharda Karmi seeks to dismiss his arguments instead of actually addressing them. Well done Jonathon! Anyone wishing to discuss further can join in the comments section below.


varus said...

I think the Dr's final comment said it all where she ered and ummed for a while and then claimed that everything was spin. However, no new facts were discussed. For instance have any munitions or such been found on the ship? Why were the people on the ship defending it so much. Perhaps the ship did just have food etc.. and it was just a place to make a stand. I don't like the fact that I read somwehere that some IHH members had written their wills beforehand. Was this necessary for a 'humanitarian' mission?

Paul said...

Thanks Varus