Sunday, 13 January 2013

Piers Morgan's Anti-gun Argument Destroyed in 4 Minutes by Ben Swann

Piers Morgan is hopelessly wrong on his statistics   Needless to say few media outlets in the UK have picked up on this. A few facts he missed : 1. Gun crime increased between three and four fold in England and Wales AFTER the handgun ban of 1997, 2. The homicide rate in the US has decreased markedly over the last 25 years, whilst gun ownership has INCREASED, more guns less gun crime right? Not exactly . Plenty of studies other than that one support that thesis, plainly the US homicide rate has decreased in recent times whilst gun ownership has increased. Anyone care to prove to me where gun control laws have actually worked?  One final word to Piers Morgan and I've said this before, offences involving handguns INCREASED after the handgun ban of 1997, for proof of that I can cite the UK government's own statistics.  Please comment below and Americans please ignore Piers he is demonstrably wrong.