Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Freedom of Speech Update - The case of the UKIP Levenshulme Poster and the thugs seeking to remove it

It will come as a surprise to no one really that freedom of speech is under intense threat in the west as of late.  If it's not Islamic extremists protesting about harmless cartoons or more or less anything else that does not submit to them.  It's the whole range of restrictions that are placed upon ourselves and our media in order to supposedly avoid 'offending' someone.  The 'someone' usually being a self - appointed and self-interested pressure group or more often than not simply some jumped up no mark.  Well how about banning electoral posters?  You know the sort you see as billboards when it comes to election time, nasty things aren't they and so inconvenient when all you really want to do is run your neighbourhood like it's your own little tin pot republic?

Yup you guessed it it is time to look at the controversy (or lack of) created by a UKIP poster in Levenshulme Manchester.  The story goes that 'several' local residents consider it racist and want it removed.  Well they ought to be told of course 'bugger off we live in a democracy' except that would not be appropriate. 
This poster must be banned according to local Marxists!


Why would that not be appropriate?  Well because it simply is not true, it is not true that numbers of local residents have complained, something more sinister actually happened.  What occurred was a very small and thuggish minded SWP clique sought to speak on behalf of the 'residents' and decide for them what they wanted to see or not see in 'their' area.  They started a small campaign utilising twitter to persuade the advertisers a company called Clear Channel   to pull the advert and remove the poster.  Further information on the self -appointed thought police for the area reveals them to be amongst others, a SWP (that's the Socialist Workers Party very similar to a German Political movement with almost the same name, rendered defunct in 1945) member calling herself 'bin the Condems' or something like that on twitter.  She has been named in other media as a SWP  member called Sue McPherson.  There was also the delightfully thuggish 'Rachamuffin' from Twitter she wanted to vandalise the poster and openly said so on Twitter (we're not talking Lex Luthor levels of criminal genius here).  All of this is on the above link I posted.  There was also a deceptively sweet sounding Valerie O'Riordan, she seems nice enough and does actually appear to be from Levenshulme. I'm not aware she has been appointed the Commissar for that area however, but I could be wrong.  A standard means of arguing emanates from all of them, you probably know the pattern:

1.  Cry racist if you don't like something or disagree with it, especially when it questions your crudely implanted assumptions on policy.
2.   Get it banned, free speech is so bourgeois don't cha know.
3.  Refuse to debate with anyone, just keep repeating 1 above.
4.  Assume in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary that you speak with absolute authority for the entire population it's 'your area' remember I mean a poster a bloody poster! How dare they?
5. Withdraw from communication after the above and now seek to manufacture a grievance, claim you're being picked on when in fact it is you that started the whole mess.  If necessary try to also get the poster banned by employing childishly fabricated claims of victimhood.

I love that last part, I mean you threaten wanton destruction of a legitimate election poster, but then cry wolf when someone calls you nasty names? That's after you've spent half the Easter weekend on twitter issuing insult after insult to normal people who just don't share your extreme and oppressive views, shame.

But at least there is some good news!  THE CAMPAIGN HAS FAILED! So for now the SWP termites are back in the woodwork, but they're sure to keep gnawing away! Long live Liberty folks and I wish the decent folk of Manchester whom I know so well all the best.  But watch this space  I have said before how the radical left will constantly seek to undermine our democracy, look at what else leftists in Manchester have done. 

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Piers Morgan's Anti-gun Argument Destroyed in 4 Minutes by Ben Swann

Piers Morgan is hopelessly wrong on his statistics   Needless to say few media outlets in the UK have picked up on this. A few facts he missed : 1. Gun crime increased between three and four fold in England and Wales AFTER the handgun ban of 1997, 2. The homicide rate in the US has decreased markedly over the last 25 years, whilst gun ownership has INCREASED, more guns less gun crime right? Not exactly . Plenty of studies other than that one support that thesis, plainly the US homicide rate has decreased in recent times whilst gun ownership has increased. Anyone care to prove to me where gun control laws have actually worked?  One final word to Piers Morgan and I've said this before, offences involving handguns INCREASED after the handgun ban of 1997, for proof of that I can cite the UK government's own statistics.  Please comment below and Americans please ignore Piers he is demonstrably wrong.