Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Picture says it all - Best Wishes to the Shalit Family

Image taken from my friend Chas's excellent blog, he has had to modify his campaign ribbon.  Congratulations to all of those involved in the campaign to free Gilad.  I will leave it there.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Why has this man been arrested for attempted murder? Answer is the state is too powerful

The picture on the left is taken from Britain needs guns and it provides half the answer for the current situation in the UK.  That situation being the one the householder finds themselves in when under threat, why half the answer?  Well simply put the part of being on 'hold' whilst waiting for the police is only too true, especially when situations like this occur.  However here is the nub of the situation, you can't arm yourself for self protection and so you're defenceless (unless you live in Northern Ireland).  So just wait for the police to turn up and trust the rapist/burglar/looter/mob will not do you too much damage.  Like sheep the British people walked into this situation in a classic example of moral panic after Dunblane and banned legally held hand guns.  Yet it was not necessary as I highlighted in that earlier post and the banning of such items leveraged a huge amount of power to the state. 

So where does this leave us?  Well as well as being solely reliant upon the police for protection (I know in theory a householder can use self defence but with what an elderly, disabled or sole occupant is helpless unless armed).  There is also the fact that even when householders do defend themselves the police when they do eventually turn up arrest them!  Sounds strange but it has happened here, A man who has opened fire and wounded a burglar in Worcestershire has been arrested for attempted murder, one question why?  So I propose:

1.  The repeal of the recent legislation that banned legal ownership of guns.  See petition here.  
2.  An absolute right to defend ones own property see petition here.

If these measures are enacted then you can expect to see a substantial reduction in occurrences such as this. Less crime, more freedom and a classic case of sound libertarianism at work or perhaps we should just go on relying on the state?  Anyone care to tell me how many burglaries there are in Texas by way of comparison?  Please visit the sites I linked to and debate below.