Saturday, 30 August 2008

Did Hezbollah deliberately target the Lebanese Government Forces?

Interesting report this that raises a few questions. It seems most likely according to the Lebanese Press that Hezbollah shot down the helicopter that was overseeing the UN sponsored ceasefire in South Lebanon. However was it deliberate targeting or an accident. Hezbollah has not admitted to actually shooting the helicopter down but called it 'tragic'. Why does this matter? Well in spite of the human cost the fact remains that the Lebanese government is monitoring Southern Lebanon as part of a UN brokered cease-fire. The cease-fire that came into play after Hezbollah's war of aggression against Israel in 2006. However Hezbollah retains forces in Southern Lebanon and they remain armed by Iran. Therefore it may be in Hezbollah's interests to pressure the Lebanese government to withdraw from this deal. Alternatively and as Hezbollah are likely to eventually claim. Hezbollah may have targeted the helicopter believing it to be Israeli. Either way the terror organisation known as Hezbollah is flexing its muscles. The reaction from the Lebanese government is likely to be muted. They do not have the strength to remove this poisonous presence from their own country. From the BBC:

Lebanon helicopter hit by gunfire

A Lebanese army helicopter hit by gunfire has had to make an emergency landing in the south of the country.
One officer was killed and others were injured. It is not known who carried out the attack.
The helicopter was flying over the village of Sejoud, 20km (12 miles) from the Israeli border.
Earlier this month, a bus bombing blamed on Islamist militants in the northern city of Tripoli killed 18 soldiers and civilians.
The area in which the incident happened is considered a stronghold of the Hezbollah militant group and political party.
As part of the ceasefire deal that ended the 2006 war between Hezbollah and Israel, the Lebanese army deployed in southern Lebanon along with a strengthened United Nations peacekeeping force.

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